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Serious Moonlighters is a classic rock band based in the greater Houston area with a uniquely full sound for a three-piece band. This is achieved by our strategic use of technology. Our band features three talented members: Greg Bowen on drums, Ted Furlong on lead guitar, and Mark Havens on bass. All three members are seasoned musicians with a passion for creating great music.

Ted Furlong (left) is our lead guitar player and vocalist. His masterful lead playing accentuates the fullness of our sound. With his extensive knowledge of both music and technology, he creates a unique atmosphere at each show that sets Serious Moonlighters apart from most other local bands.

Mark Havens (center) is our dedicated bass player and vocalist. With years of experience playing bass and singing in various genres, Mark is a fundamental part of the band's sound. With a repertoire of classic rock covers from Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, The Cars, Peter Gabriel, and many others, Serious Moonlighters is sure to provide an unforgettable evening.

Greg "Bam Bam" Bowen (right) is our drummer and he brings energy and excitement to each performance. Greg & Mark have worked together as a super-tight rhythm section for years in various cover & original bands. When Mark & Ted met an invitation to "come jam with me & Greg" quickly ensued, and this was the spark that lit the Serious Moonlighters.

Duane Kortsha (Top)

Sound design and the forth band member.

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